Tuesday, 31 May 2011

new house - new family

Dinner at the old family: quiet
Evening at the old family: lonely, in my on room
Breakfast at the old family: alone, quiet

Dinner at the new family: funny, everyone is laughing, talking...
Evening at the new family: always together in the living room, jolly, helping each other with homework or studying, homely,
Breakfast at the new family: conjoined, making plans for the day

It's such a difference between house one and house three (house two I do ignor here - because you can't compare it with the other ones - this is in another league) =D
I'm so happy to be here! Everyone is just so welcoming and open. Life here is great! =D

wild bears

Imagine you're sitting in a bus with like 30 other people. On the highway with a great speed. Suddendly the busdriver calls very loud: A BEAR!! and stopps.... After you nearly crashed into the front seat everyone just jumps to the window with the camera in their hand and wants to take picutres! And the only thing you can hear is: OOH! AAH! It was sooo funny =D
Just never go close and try to make friends with a bear, that would be the end of you being a healthy human. (Well you might not be healthy before when you try to become friends with a wild bear...)
We saw three bears on the way to Whistler and three on the way back to Vancouver. The picture is on the way back home....
If you want to see people wearing a bikini and a snowboard go to Whistler. There you can see people in a whole snowboard suit and some just wearing a bikini...

Shanon Falls on the way to Whistler
They do have an extra chairlift for the mountainbikes because everyone is riding a mountainbike there! =D
  This is the Bikini-Skiing girl =D

 Peak 2 Peak view

 Whistler downtown

 A BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (next to the highway) soooo exciting!!!

 everyone jumped to the window =D

 Brandywine Falls on the way back to Van

Somewhere on the way back. To be honest: It's a famous place, but I really can't remember the name... =D

Whistler is such a lovely city! I felt in love with it and I will go back there again - well at least I want to =D

Saturday, 28 May 2011

two weeks, three different houses

A lot of people asked me: Rea what did you do during your first two weeks in Vancouver?
Well to be honest, I did so many things, I can hardly remember them.
But one thing I know for sure: I moved around Vancouver a lot! From here to there and nearly back again.
My first home was in New Westminster, one hour from school and downtown. I had to go by bus and skytrain. Soon I realised, that I can't live there for two months (no reasons are mentioned here). So thanks to my sister who has a friend (and thanks to that friend) here in Vancouver, I had the chance to move here - I don't even know if this area has a special name... It's just behind Kits Beach - I spent a wonderful week here!

 Breakfast-Brunch at my new home behind Kits Beach

 If you have dog poo on your shoe, this scrubber is the best way to get rid of it. You can find it somewhere at the Capilano River.

But since I'm the refugee (who's going to be the legendary lady with the yellow scarf) =D , I never wanted to stay here for a long time. But first I had to find a new home. Yesterday we (well the woman from school acctually did) found one - finally! So I will move tonight (I hope for the last time for the next six weeks) back close-by the area of New Westminster.
How life is goning to be there - I'll let you know - as soon as I know that.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

a few pics

Stanley Park

This is.... a bridge =D

They are all waiting for the same bus - yes right in a LINE! =D


Going to North Van by SeaBus (you see downtown)

Lynn Canyon Park

I just love the woods here!!!

freeky "go Canucks" car (Canucks is the hokey team of Van)

Yeah, well this sign doesn't need to be taken serious...

Nearly forgot this one - it was in Lynn Canyon Park =D

how to get rid of your busticket...

You're travelling around with buses or / and skytrain? You've got valuated tickets you don't want to keep for 90 minutes, but you don't know how to get rid of them? Good thing you're reading this blog!
I can give you many, many different tips, how to lose a ticket.
- Forget where you just tended it and find it right after you valuated a new ticket.
- Lose it somewhere on the way.
- Let it slide out of you pocket.
- Drop it.
- Forget it somewhere.
- Let wind blow it away....
There are hundert of diverse ways to shed it. So far I tried like 20 different ones - they all work - 100%!
Now the best advice ever:
- If you're not even half as ham-fisted as I am, (and this would be a good thing for your purse) do not take my tips from above.
- Make sure you're using the ticket and your brain for 90 minutes -  thats worth it! =D

Friday, 20 May 2011

Airport trubles

It was time, we landed in cloudy, rainy Vancouver.

I found my way through this huge airport (ipiiiiii) and grabbed my luggage.
It was time to exit. Uhu EXIT! But tired, confused wuermli (we call it from now on Kasimir, and to be honest: she was a pink, fluffy flamingo, I got her from my to lovely sisters) went the wrong way. Just before it was to late, I realised that I was on the way to board another airplane... Well finally I exited through a side door and I stood somewhere in this airport - question was just where. I pushed my luggage cart forward, till I saw the original exit. Relieved I started to look for the EF-guy who should bring me to my host family. It took me a while - a long while (I had time enough to panic) - till I saw him, concealed behind a column.

to there

Once upon a time, there was....
a little wuermli and that wuermli (who actually is me - AMAZEMENT!!!) =D decided to go out and discover the world. Well actually to be honest "just" Canada.
The long flight, sitting next to two stinky people (they were really nice and warm hearted people from India and we had good conversations, but they were a little smelly - but I got used to it, so in the end it was the nicest way to kill the time during the flight) =D
It was gorgeous. First we flew over Island, then over Greenland and finally we entered Canada and flew across to Vancouver.
We saw a lot of snow, ice, glaciers and water. Odd land, desert and mountains. There were huge rivers and forests. I loved it! Canada is such a beautiful land, even from above. I hardly slept, I had to look out of the window all the time. Except during the time I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
(Pictures will follow, well not of the film, but the countryside beneath me.)

My second plane.

Above Iceland

Above Canada (don't ask me where) =D

It's allready night in Switzerland =D


a few words in the beginning

I don't trust the Internet, that's why you won't find any personal contents here, still you're welcome and read my stuff... =D

No seriously, I really don't trust the Internet, but I will tell you the story of a little wuermli who wanted to explore the world. You'll find a lot of pictures, but don't try to find me on them. The blog is gonna be in English - for all those who don't understand that, sorry! But search for someone who will translate it - I'm sure you'll find one... And don't worry if you can't find a translator - there will be many pictures...

So have fun reading it, and get an idea of what I'm experiencing here!