Friday, 24 June 2011

Tofino part one

Its allready very late (00:11), but I just want to add these pictures now. I took them in Tofino. I told you that i fall in love with Whistler - but that's nothing in comparison with Tofino. If they need a teacher in three years you can find me up there! It's one of my favourite places up there!! But just that much for today - I will wirte some more about it and why it is my favourite place tomorrow or on saturday...

extra for my beloved sister!

And all those signs we found there! I just love them!!!! So I had to upload them =D

Notice: Thank you for noticing this new notice. your noticing has been noted and will be reported to authorities

okay to be honest - I don't really get that one....

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Well it's nearly two weeks ago when I went to Victoria! It was great! Victoria is a very beautiful city.
And the most funniest thing on that day was Naomi! I was sitting in the bus of WestTrekTours - knowing that Naomi should come too... But she didn't turn up. So I thought she overslept - and was kind of disapointed...
On the ferry to Victoria I suddendly heard my name - I turned and saw Naomi running towards me.
Then she started to tell me her story:
She waited at Canadaplace - well just at a totally worng place... We had to be at the meetingpoint at 7.15am. She arrived at Canadaplace 6:45am. After 7am she called poor Livia who was still sleeping to ask for my cellphone number - but I didn't bring my cellphone...
So around 7:30 she went home. There she talked to her hostmum. This hostmum called WestTrekTour. They gave her the number from our guide Lara. The hostmum called Lara and asked which ferry we're taking. And than she drove Naomi to the ferry!!! That's a one and a half hour dirve by car!!!!!!! She really does have the best hostmum ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways in the end she found me - and we spent a really nice and funny day together in Victoria!
And we actually managed it to finde scones there =D
Harbour in - oh I forgot the name - it was on the way to Victoria

Sorry Naomi, but love this picture sooo much - I had to add it here! =D Sadly the whales didn't answer our calls! =D

Naomi running for the bus =D

Parliment - and some weird people trying to jump =D

This guy was very into the Canucks =D

wall painting in Victoria

Another wall painting in Victoria - It shows the whole Vancouver Island

Just like this sign!

Buchart Garden - Sunken Garden

Japanese Garden

a nightmare

Last tuesday was jinxed!
It started in the early morning:
6:30am Mimis and mine mapelsyrup is missing - and I wanted to eat a mapelsyrup toast...
10:00am Naomi finds out that she can rent a car. :D (We wanted to go on a trip this weekend...)
1:30pm Mimi and I can't post our stuff, because the postoffice is striking...
1:50pm Naomi finds out that she can't rent a car!!! :C
1:00pm Naomi goes home to get her Bikini - we wanted to go to the beach... at the same time, Mimi
and I can't find the other postoffice....
1:20pm Livia finds her new tights and ballerinas in H&M
1:50pm Livia, Mimi and I bought some really cheap strawberrys!
It was maybe 2:15pm or later: Mimi, Livia and I want to get in the bus, which should bring us to the beach... BUT: Where is my ticket - no better question: WHERE THE HACK IS MY PURSE???!!!
I lost it, somewhere I don't know. We were allready in the bus, so two stations later we take off again - and we look in my bag for my purse - but we can't find it!
I withdrawaled in the morning before school, so there were like $390 in it, all my cards - (creditcard incl. its code...I KNOW, I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I just couldn't remember this f*** code!) F*** F*** F***
And I didn't bring my cellphone - as allways... =D
So Livia starts to call this emergency number form the PostFinance, but none is answering - I call my mum - again in the middle of her night! She blocks out the cards.
We go back to every singel place we were - hoping to find my purse... But to be honest, we weren't that optimistic... In every singel shope the same answer: No sorry we do not have it!
We're all thinking the same: I lost it and a lucky (at least hopefully homeless) person found it...
Finally we're back in the H&M. Lost and Found Section doesn't have my purse. Livia tries to bring some hope back in to my mind: It might be upstairs, where I got the tights! Yeah sure Livia - I'm not a child - I no that its lost forever - but really sweet and kind of you. trying to lighten me!!!
And then upstairs - I hurried to the tights section and there, underneath a stupid shelf - there is my purse. I jump forward grab it and - I can't describe these feelings!!!
I found my lost purse - IN VANCOUVER!!!!!!! And everything was in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well the day is not over yet:
It 5:00pm way back home: my chocolate melted in my bag - bugger, bugger, bugger but jsut my schoolbook and my bag were covered with it...
6:25pm one of my hostmates comes home and she tells us that she lost her engagement ring...

Well I think that was all - more or less, but anyways it was a horrible day!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

best deal ever!!!!!!AWESOME

Last thursday evening I went through nearly every emotion I can name (and even the ones I can't)!
I wanted to book my train ticket. (I have to be in Toronto at the 21th July. I go there by train, in order to that I have to leave Van at the 17th July.)
Therefore I went on this webside where ViaRail has its express deals. I looked for an express deal on my date. But there was only one for the 17th July. Well yeah now everyone is confused - but I will explain - just hang on a second and let me talk! =D
Explanation: I thought that I have to be in Toronto at the 20th July. In order to that I would have had to leave Van on the 15th July. But there was no deal on the 15th!!! After a big disappointment I checked my dates again - and surprise, surprise it was the 21st!!!!! Oh now I was soooo happy! Quickly I started to book the ticket. Soon I figured out what all these words ment, thatfore I finally wanted to finish my booking - but suddenly it asked me for my Canadian bankaccount... I tried it sooo many times again and again and again. First I was still optimistic but after 10 times my hopes started to fade away. I started to be angry with ViaRail because I thought you only can book online if you have a Canadian bankaccount.
I told myself - one more try! This was really the final one - I just always ticked the wrong option =D
In the end I had to call mother (it was 5am Swiss time - SORRY mum!!) and she actually picked up (thats your own fault) =D She looked the Credit Card Account Number up for me. I was even able to give her an exact describtion where to find it!! =O I was so surprised about myself ;)
Well anyways in the end it worked and now I'm soooo excited!!! At the 17th July my train is leaving. Hopefully not without me! ;D
But now, listen to that (the whole point about that story): I only paid CAN$ 382.-!!!!! I have a proper berth (the upper one) and shower access, and some kind of lounge I can go to and all meals included!!!! =D (BTW I will be in this train for three and a half day!)
For everyone who doesn't know how cheep this is - the comparison:
For a normal economy class super saver I would have paid something between $500 and $700. But then I just would have had kind of a couch seat.
For the berth-option I normaly would have had to pay $1400.-!!!
So thats my best deal ever! Thanks to the guy at the train station who told me about the express deals - and thanks to ViaRail that they pickt my date for express deals =D

Thursday, 2 June 2011

how to get lost in Vancouver

To get lost in Vancouver is actually difficult. The only time I got lost is allready several days ago... I got off the bus at the wrong station, but it's easy here to finde you're way back, because all the streets are straight and every street does have a number.
So it's kind of difficult to lose the orientation here. But I managed it.
The trick is: Go into a big, an astronomic Shopping Mall. In there you have to walk around, get lost on the many different floors and the many different evalators. In the end you forgot where you came in, so you just exit through the closest door and - you're somewhere else in the city.
Everytime it takes me a few minutes 'till I figured out where exactly I am and which way I have to go...
But thats kind of fun and you can start a new game called: How to get lost in Vancouver. =D

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

the best thing about june

JUHUUUU finally it's june!!!!!!!
Finally I can use the monthly ticket - well not that I didn't use it before (the whole last week, for the bus to Kitsliano) =D But finally  it's save to use it for the skytrain.
So that means, I don't have to spend so much money for those stupid bustickets - but I must make sure, not to lose it!! =D