Thursday, 21 July 2011


The train - yeah whats about it...
Its a train ;)
No it was great - I felt like in a nursing home ;)
There where I was, there were 9o% old people.
But it was sooooooooooo funny.... And my neighbour hahahah she was soooooooooooooooo excited when we found out that there was microwave oven  - because she brought popcorn =D
If I could I would show you now some nice photographs from the train, the nature, my food, my bed  - and my shoe.
Why my shoe?
Well it's a short story: In Winnipeg where I was able to get of the train and walk around for a while, Rea wanted to take a picture of a river.... Well to get a better angel, and in order to that a better picture I took a step forward. There was a dark brown (nearly black) and grey, solid ground.
Thing is just that - it wasn't solid.... And suddelny my food sunk into that thik alluvium...
For a second a thought about taking another step to take the picture. But than I thought - now one food is enough! And I tried to get it out - that wasn't very easy.....
Well in the end I had a dirty shoe, sock, trousers, hands and I had to go back to the trainstation like this ;) Luckely it was dark allready! And it wasn't easy to get rid of the dirt, but after an hour I was clean again... =D
In that stupid Winnipeg I also got 10 or more mosquito bite....

As I sad I'm not able to upload pics - so you have to wait for a while.... to be more preciesly more than 12 days. That's as long as my travel in the east of Canada takes. My computer wont join me.... So you have to be patient now. I'll be back! In the meanwhile: HAVE FUN AND TAKE IT EASY!!!!! And never forget: HERE COMES THE SUN!!!!
Well I actually would had nothing against it, if the sun disappeared for a while here in Toronto - it's nearly ff.............fourty degrees!!!!

Goodbye Van!!!

We start on the 16th July. I had another really bad night behind me - I was ill - and I was a really sleepy head! I slept the whole morning, feeling ill, sick and bad.
Around midday I decided to go out and by groceries - a woman a word. I was back around 1pm. As soon as I was in my room, I lie on my bed and fall asleep. Later that afternoon, I had to go out again I actually met NAOMI!!! Oh that was something nice at least.

This is a picture, how I dried my laundry. I don't want to put it in the dryer, because I'm scared, that my clothes will shrink in there...
That same day I started to pack my stuff...
And then one day later on the 17th July I had to say goodbye to Vancouver and all my awesome friends. =C
At 8:something pm my train pulled out.
It was the last time I saw Vancouve! =C

Hei guys it impossible to upload pics..... so maybe some in a few days....

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Henry Bordder

Good evening everyone!
This post is for a special person. And she will know it as soon as she reads the title.
I'm really excited for next Friday - especially after this afternoon!!
But anyways - may I introduce you to Henry Bordder? He wears round glasses and has a scar on his forehead. His best friends are called Donald and Stranger, his enemy is Taco.
And just let me tell you this: Starbucks coffe is not as good as you think - if you had too much, you're drunk ;D 
For now all that I can say is: I hope I'm going to see Henry Bordder - and no one else (on Friday)! :D
And I also want to see Taco, Donald and Stranger... ;D
Oh thanks anyways for this afternoon - it was great!!!
One of the best ones since my other lovely friends form school left!
And now - sleep well, and have sweet dreams about Henry, Taco, Donald, Stranger and the shouvenier shopppppppps!!!!!!! :D


This is Morain Lake - and it's 4 degrees warm?cold? what evere - have fun guys :P

Today Kasimir wants to tell her story about her trip to the Rockies.

Okay Kasimir I leave you the microphones:


Kasimir! Please tell the people what we saw up there!

Mountains, trees, an elk, a Rocky ibex, more mountains, snow, glacier, more trees, lakes, Jasper, Banff, Valemount, Kelowna, more lakes, more mountains...
We had a lot of fun in the bus singing, playing games, talking, sleeping, jumping, running, and last but not least dancing.

Except for one thing - we saw a lot of dead trees. In these trees are the beetles. And this is really scary because the goverment thinks that in a few years in order to those beetles all the trees in the national park are gone....

But as you can read - it's hard for me to describe all this fantasic, unbelievable wonderful, mysterious, calm, gigantic, fascinating, incedibly beautiful...nature. So thats why I just upload a lot of picutres...

en rout
Group-picture number one at Morain Lake.

Group-picutre number 2 at Lake Lousie

Peyton Lake

Group-picture number 3 at Peyton Lake

My favourite one: In the middle our guide Lee. We're infront of the highest mountain (Mt. Robson) in Rockies in Canada.

Trees with beetles (Here they are do some experiments to find something against the beetles...)

The grass was taller than Marco, and Marco is taller then me, and I am 1.72m

Morning in Golden

The Rocky ibex

Me at Morain Lake

en rout

en rout

en rout

The two glaciers you can see (one on the right and one on the left side of the pic) once were together.....

Believe it or not, but we went on the glacier with such a truck ;D

The Athabasca glacier

And again a glacier truck...
en rout at Spahats Falls


And this pic is for my nephew! glroose hillrrschhhhh

en rout

en rout

evening in Valemount

en rout

en rout at the Othello Tunnels

a normal day

Hahaha I just found this in my drafts - and now I'm finally going to post it. I wrote it on the 7th July.

Can a day here in Vancouver be normal? I don't know.
Why this one isn't normal?
Well first of all, today started to late - so we were in a hurry...
Mimi and I didn't enter school together - she got a coffee - as we usually do.
We watched a film in class, Simon had to come to fix our telly. Julie is so tired that she nearly fells off her chair - right now she is sleeping.
What makes this day normal? It's raining cats and dogs....
Well it didn't rain for the last week - more or less - so acutally it's quite unnormal :D - Say whaaaaat?!
And something else that's not normal - I'm writing my blog - in the morning - during school - hilarious! :D
And the most unususal thing - Julie and I will rehears our super musical. But more about that tomorrow.
If you are lucky enough there might even be a picture...
(There wont be any pictures...)

By the way - the musical was, well how to say that - we just screwed it up!! :D
The rehearsing was good - really good actually. But then during the performace the sound didn't work as it was supposed to. In order to that Julie and I started to laugh and we couldn't stopp anymore....
So it was more a laughing than anything else ;D But the others still enjoyed us having fun and laughing and just being happy on our last day of school!
Yesssssssssssss- since last Friday I'm free!!! And this Sunday I'll catch the train to Toronto (It'll take me four days) ;D I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!


Today I'm gonna tell you about my hostel.
Since last sunday I'm in the H&I downtown.
I met two really nice girls (first Charlotte and then Kathryn) - and we do have a lot of fun toghter - on Facebook, in the real world, fighting over the aircondition - cause I'm freezing and they're hot (or they just say they are, because they don't want to admit that the aircondition is working!!! But girls: it is working and I'm really freezing!!!) and just doing nonsens stuff...
My ears are actually aching cause Charlotte and I had to listen to Kathryns thoughts about a guy - or actually two guys.... for more than one hour :D
Oh my goodness, I'm spending a really really funny time in this room ;D

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

How to get Van carzy

Okay this story needs to be told!
Its just - insane!
It's the story how one can get the habitants of Van crazy. And it's about a poor bear who got burned...
But now in sequence:
Well the story starts with the StanlyCup (I don't even know how it's written) :P . It's the big contest between the hockey teams. But don't ask me, cause I couldn't give you any anywer. I'm not that into this hockey things... I just know, that Van - well the Canoucks didn't win for 18 years.
Allright enough talking - lets go on with the stroy. Where to start?
Oh yeah, lets go to the first game I saw downtown. More people than whole Winterthur were on the street watching one of the really important games - because the Canoucks finally were in the finals since 18 years.
That night the Canoucks won - and every one got crazy. Singing, dancing, cheering - there was a big party going on in whole Van. Okay to be honest - thats nothing compared to what will come next.
A few games later (I didn't count them, that's too much for me) ;D - now this one was the last and deciding one. Either Boston or Van Canoucks...
We were at BC-Publicviewing (or what ever...) Well and in the end Canoucks lost, the screen was broken, the people were mad, and the square was covered with garbage. .D
Well I assume that the garbage was the smallest problem this night. Cause now everyone got crazy.
Everything startd with a bear. This poor little fellow got burned. But this wasn't big enough and they started to burn cars, smash windows and fight... Well just all these things riots do.
I'm quite glad, that we went home early enough.
My teacher was in a pup and she stayed there untill 4am because she was so afraied of going home. She was sooo tired in the next morning that we didn't do a thing in school - just talked about the riots. And she even forgot to give us homework ;D It was sooo funny, she nearly fall asleep while we were discussing the last 24 hours...
The police didn't do that much - they used teargas, and the caught some peoples.
The damage was imense... (And they even asked for more Police form Galgary, and I don't know where...)
But the best thing is not told yet. In the following morning all the windows were covered with planks. Stll not the best :D - Well wait - don't be inpatient - I will tell you!
After school, when we went for lunch, we were quite surprised. The planks - and now the best starts - looked like this!!!
And it went on. Everybody was writing on them - for weeks.
You know, all the habitants were shocked by the riots (to be honest - I wasn't shocked that much since we do have that problem in Switzerland....just a little bit.) Anyways - I got goose bumps the moment I saw all those writings. It was incredible, amazing (a Canadian would say awesome)!!!! And the planks were there over a week - well actually there still are some left. And it's exactly two weeks ago since the riots....
On Thursday morning two weeks ago there even was a police car. People wrote on the car and sticked postits on it with "Thank-you"s...
It's just - I don't know, I just had to laugh. And than more or less a week ago, they put new planks on the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean - NEW PLANKS!!!! And - well you just need to check out the pics...
(oh I just figured that they are in the wrong order - up side down... so last one is first one - got it?)
Well this is the police car in the night - under a tent - yes you heard it right UNDER A TENT!!!

A postit on the car - I'm sorry but it's to late (11.30pm) to translate that - maybe tomorrow...

which hard work? I heard they didn't do anything - but well - thank you!

Uhu! As if they gonna keep those planks on all the shop windows... stupiest idea of the century!!!!

I don't if you can see that, but they started to make a line with flags on it. Every passenger could make such a flag. The line grew longer and longer - hour by hour...

Oh yeah right, I forgot: It even got a title: The great wall of Vancouver

Police car in the morning

My favourite saying! :D

The great wall of Vancouver - or what ever....

That was the first game I saw downtwon.

The screen is - ehrm you can't see it - it's far to small! :D
You know - it's really nice if a city reacts like this - but that was just an overreaction. And not enough they are still shocked and it's still the topic number one!!!!!!!!!!!! It's two weeks ago!!!!!!!!!! Crazy - Van people are crazy!!! But I like them :D maybe even cause of that crazyness....

And last but not least: Now they are removing the planks and the new shop windows are back. Van is becoming normal! But I don't know waht they are doing with the planks - maybe they put them in to a museum - or found a new one: Museum of Riots 2011 and the Great Wall of Vancouver  :D

Sorry but I can't take this serious anymore... So I better stopp talking about that - issue!
I hope you enjoyed that little story!
Good night and till tomorrow!