Wednesday, 13 July 2011

a normal day

Hahaha I just found this in my drafts - and now I'm finally going to post it. I wrote it on the 7th July.

Can a day here in Vancouver be normal? I don't know.
Why this one isn't normal?
Well first of all, today started to late - so we were in a hurry...
Mimi and I didn't enter school together - she got a coffee - as we usually do.
We watched a film in class, Simon had to come to fix our telly. Julie is so tired that she nearly fells off her chair - right now she is sleeping.
What makes this day normal? It's raining cats and dogs....
Well it didn't rain for the last week - more or less - so acutally it's quite unnormal :D - Say whaaaaat?!
And something else that's not normal - I'm writing my blog - in the morning - during school - hilarious! :D
And the most unususal thing - Julie and I will rehears our super musical. But more about that tomorrow.
If you are lucky enough there might even be a picture...
(There wont be any pictures...)

By the way - the musical was, well how to say that - we just screwed it up!! :D
The rehearsing was good - really good actually. But then during the performace the sound didn't work as it was supposed to. In order to that Julie and I started to laugh and we couldn't stopp anymore....
So it was more a laughing than anything else ;D But the others still enjoyed us having fun and laughing and just being happy on our last day of school!
Yesssssssssssss- since last Friday I'm free!!! And this Sunday I'll catch the train to Toronto (It'll take me four days) ;D I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!

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