Wednesday, 13 July 2011


This is Morain Lake - and it's 4 degrees warm?cold? what evere - have fun guys :P

Today Kasimir wants to tell her story about her trip to the Rockies.

Okay Kasimir I leave you the microphones:


Kasimir! Please tell the people what we saw up there!

Mountains, trees, an elk, a Rocky ibex, more mountains, snow, glacier, more trees, lakes, Jasper, Banff, Valemount, Kelowna, more lakes, more mountains...
We had a lot of fun in the bus singing, playing games, talking, sleeping, jumping, running, and last but not least dancing.

Except for one thing - we saw a lot of dead trees. In these trees are the beetles. And this is really scary because the goverment thinks that in a few years in order to those beetles all the trees in the national park are gone....

But as you can read - it's hard for me to describe all this fantasic, unbelievable wonderful, mysterious, calm, gigantic, fascinating, incedibly beautiful...nature. So thats why I just upload a lot of picutres...

en rout
Group-picture number one at Morain Lake.

Group-picutre number 2 at Lake Lousie

Peyton Lake

Group-picture number 3 at Peyton Lake

My favourite one: In the middle our guide Lee. We're infront of the highest mountain (Mt. Robson) in Rockies in Canada.

Trees with beetles (Here they are do some experiments to find something against the beetles...)

The grass was taller than Marco, and Marco is taller then me, and I am 1.72m

Morning in Golden

The Rocky ibex

Me at Morain Lake

en rout

en rout

en rout

The two glaciers you can see (one on the right and one on the left side of the pic) once were together.....

Believe it or not, but we went on the glacier with such a truck ;D

The Athabasca glacier

And again a glacier truck...
en rout at Spahats Falls


And this pic is for my nephew! glroose hillrrschhhhh

en rout

en rout

evening in Valemount

en rout

en rout at the Othello Tunnels

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