Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tofina Part two

I just came back from the Rockies - it was awesome!!! But first I have to tell you some other stories.
So first of all as I promised: Tofino part two.

Tofino - a paradise! Big huge trees, jungel, sea, whales, eagels, beaches, boats, sailing, hana's favourite pizza, sun, seals, fish and chips, gorcious burritos, pictorial islands, beautiful coastals, dreamful bays...
Tofino is just one of the most amazing places on our world.
And I had the chance to go there! I have no words to describe this  nature! In order to that I will add now some pics which will kind of show you how stunning the nature is - but it's not the same as if you were there...

A whale!!! It was sooooo incredible amazing!

Two whales...

It's getting dark

Just after sunset at the beach - i forgot the name - again....

One ot the lovely houses in Tofino.

Church in Tofino

For sale! If I had enough money I would buy it!!! It's on a island just infront of Tofino.

Between the islands - on the way to the Big Tree Trail

We were on this big tree trail - actually we were supposed to walk on the board walk but this stupid path was finished after 650 meters - so we (five Swiss people) decided to go on - and we walked for one and a half hours! It was amazing!

Last but not least: If I could choose where to live, I would go here. Housboats floating on the water, like a little villige infront of Tofino.

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