Thursday, 21 July 2011


The train - yeah whats about it...
Its a train ;)
No it was great - I felt like in a nursing home ;)
There where I was, there were 9o% old people.
But it was sooooooooooo funny.... And my neighbour hahahah she was soooooooooooooooo excited when we found out that there was microwave oven  - because she brought popcorn =D
If I could I would show you now some nice photographs from the train, the nature, my food, my bed  - and my shoe.
Why my shoe?
Well it's a short story: In Winnipeg where I was able to get of the train and walk around for a while, Rea wanted to take a picture of a river.... Well to get a better angel, and in order to that a better picture I took a step forward. There was a dark brown (nearly black) and grey, solid ground.
Thing is just that - it wasn't solid.... And suddelny my food sunk into that thik alluvium...
For a second a thought about taking another step to take the picture. But than I thought - now one food is enough! And I tried to get it out - that wasn't very easy.....
Well in the end I had a dirty shoe, sock, trousers, hands and I had to go back to the trainstation like this ;) Luckely it was dark allready! And it wasn't easy to get rid of the dirt, but after an hour I was clean again... =D
In that stupid Winnipeg I also got 10 or more mosquito bite....

As I sad I'm not able to upload pics - so you have to wait for a while.... to be more preciesly more than 12 days. That's as long as my travel in the east of Canada takes. My computer wont join me.... So you have to be patient now. I'll be back! In the meanwhile: HAVE FUN AND TAKE IT EASY!!!!! And never forget: HERE COMES THE SUN!!!!
Well I actually would had nothing against it, if the sun disappeared for a while here in Toronto - it's nearly ff.............fourty degrees!!!!

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  1. your trip sounds so cooool!! enjoy it and have sooo much fun as much as you can ever have! and dont care about mosquitos: im full of their bites too..once i counted them: 34 bites!! :)

    but anyway have funfunfun and enjoyejoyENJOY it!!

    pinja :)