Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Henry Bordder

Good evening everyone!
This post is for a special person. And she will know it as soon as she reads the title.
I'm really excited for next Friday - especially after this afternoon!!
But anyways - may I introduce you to Henry Bordder? He wears round glasses and has a scar on his forehead. His best friends are called Donald and Stranger, his enemy is Taco.
And just let me tell you this: Starbucks coffe is not as good as you think - if you had too much, you're drunk ;D 
For now all that I can say is: I hope I'm going to see Henry Bordder - and no one else (on Friday)! :D
And I also want to see Taco, Donald and Stranger... ;D
Oh thanks anyways for this afternoon - it was great!!!
One of the best ones since my other lovely friends form school left!
And now - sleep well, and have sweet dreams about Henry, Taco, Donald, Stranger and the shouvenier shopppppppps!!!!!!! :D

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