Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Today I'm gonna tell you about my hostel.
Since last sunday I'm in the H&I downtown.
I met two really nice girls (first Charlotte and then Kathryn) - and we do have a lot of fun toghter - on Facebook, in the real world, fighting over the aircondition - cause I'm freezing and they're hot (or they just say they are, because they don't want to admit that the aircondition is working!!! But girls: it is working and I'm really freezing!!!) and just doing nonsens stuff...
My ears are actually aching cause Charlotte and I had to listen to Kathryns thoughts about a guy - or actually two guys.... for more than one hour :D
Oh my goodness, I'm spending a really really funny time in this room ;D

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  1. BTW: The night from Thursday to Friday was horrible!
    WHY? Because my lovely room mate Kathrin turned as soon as she came back home (around 2am) the air-con on. But not on a quite easy level, no she had to take the strongest and loudest one!
    So I couldn't sleep anymore cause of this. And then maybe an hour later - I was FREEZING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!
    I didn't want to turn it down because I was too afraid of Kathrin and I didn't want to start a fight over the air-con in the night....